Student Led Conference

My highlight at my student led conference was being able to play a maths game with my parents because it was chanllenging.

I am most proud of sharing my writing because I thought I did really well.

I think my parents enjoyed the math game because they thought it was really fun.

Next time I would like to finish the student led conference because I didn't get through everything.

Year 3 Gala Performance

Learning Intention:

Prepare and present a brief performance, using performance skills and techniques.

Success Criteria:

I know I am successful when I can perform with the Year 3 group in the Oaklands Gala Day 

PE Gymnastics (Term 3)

​WALT: Perform and create a sequence of unlike movements with a buddy

Education Brief

Easy Blog Photo
This week we wrote about what we want our future classroom to look like.

Olympic Medals (Integrated Topic)

As a part of our topic this Term, we learned about the significance of the Olympic Medal. We even got to make our own!

Here it is: